Excel Enrichment Tutoring and Teaching


The EXCEL Enrichment Program is designed to provide additional coaching, teaching and development of math and reading skills for elementary, secondary and high school students free of charge.  Focused tutoring is conducted by certified teachers and volunteers using the latest proven methodology with options for one-to-one tutoring or group sessions. 

The FLCDCorp offers a number of different learning opportunities including:

  • Tutoring in Math and Reading,
  • Leadership Skills for youth,
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Growing Wealth for Students


* Our student application and acceptance process will be offered on a “First Come-First Serve” basis to students in qualified zip codes. 

* The Enrichment program is open to all students regardless of income and is free to all participants.
* The enrollment period is always open. 

Enrollment Link >   https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1WhCS6czhRnhjvbPKE05ig-I9AmPGiSgISjIuorkRMoE/edit?usp=mail_response_notification


Please Call 407-522-1052 for additional details.